Oeuvre [noun]

Definition of Oeuvre:

body of work

Synonyms of Oeuvre:




Opposite/Antonyms of Oeuvre:


Sentence/Example of Oeuvre:

In each case the status of the print in Jacksons oeuvre has been noted.

I was inspecting in behalf of my oeuvre, Le Bientre du Bless.

No oeuvre since the beginning of the war has been more important than this.

Finally, the High Priestess produced her chef d oeuvre, the psychometric reading of a letter.

Oeuvre du Soldat dans la Tranche (fund for the soldier in the trenches—send warm clothing).

Smooth as this oeuvre appeared on the surface it had not been easy to establish and every day brought its frictions and obstacles.

When I visited the villa last summer the oeuvre had eight thousand marraines, and no doubt the number has doubled to-day.

Several Americans have asked me why the rich people of France do not run this oeuvre themselves.

When I saw these headquarters in May, 1916, the oeuvre was a year old and in running order.