Offenders [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Offenders:

What could he do to persuade the two offenders to the only right course!

We had a rich and delightful ride, but did not succeed in overhauling the offenders.

It will be observed that it is planned for holding a number of offenders at the same time.

Homicide forms 91% of the criminality of this group of offenders.

You know how they stopped this and punished the offenders, and how much good this has done.

Sometimes we slightly punished the offenders, by cutting off their hair.

Offenders who refuse to go to prison, or who escape from it, are to be expelled.

Of this discontent Parliament could not be the focus, for members of Parliament were themselves the offenders.

But he was in no mood to atone vicariously for the offenders aboard the Conomo.

There was no certainty that justice would ever reach these offenders.