Offends [verb]

Definition of Offends:

displease, insult

Synonyms of Offends:

Opposite/Antonyms of Offends:

Sentence/Example of Offends:

He doesn't care whom he offends, so long as it isn't his wife.

Never mind, never mind, dear master, nothing that you say offends me.'

If what we are about to do offends Thee, then let me suffer for her.

That offends you, naturally; but I should say there was never a man more horribly in love!

It offends alike my physical system and my sense of proportion.

But this offends all the good fairies, and then where are you?

The water is not only muddy and unclean, but it offends the nose.

It offends only in spirit against Cain's word, "Am I my brother's keeper?"

She offended you, but you must remember that she offends everybody.

For it cannot be that anything should please that offends nature, or anything displease that complies with natural inclinations.