Offered [verb]

Definition of Offered:

present, propose for acceptance

Synonyms of Offered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Offered:

Sentence/Example of Offered:

So certain was he as to the exact locality, that he offered to conduct a party to the place.

It traded with all the world and offered a safe home to the merchant and to the artisan.

Did you not insist on going home with Hester Paine, when I had offered my escort?

I offered to engage not to marry at all, if that condition may be accepted.

Besides, Mr. Morgan offered to resign his seat in the House of Commons in his favor.

Mr. Disraeli offered a resolution of dissatisfaction in the House of Commons.

This fellow, who had offered to take money for a guest, was damned for life and branded.

A subject was offered him, in which no other poet would have found a theme for the Muse.

Immediately Franks, with a stage-bow, offered Hester a chair.

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