Offers [noun]

Definition of Offers:

proposal, suggestion

Synonyms of Offers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Offers:

Sentence/Example of Offers:

In reply he offers me, as if I were a beggar, employment for my sons.

I refused the offers, because my Master's work was of more importance than my ease.

Langen has commented on it at some length,125 but offers no solution.

And then Antonio offers to "quit the fine for one-half his goods."

He cast aside all offers of accommodation, and prepared for battle.

Magua shook his head, forbidding the repetition of offers he so much despised.

Such is the substitute which he offers us for the Sermon on the Mount.

She was entirely deaf to his offers, and rejected them with the utmost disdain.

Another tempted him with offers of drink and sociable confabulation.

Pause, and consider of our offers; and, if thou doubtest, O brave king!