Offertory [noun]

Definition of Offertory:

something given freely, for no recompense

Opposite/Antonyms of Offertory:

Sentence/Example of Offertory:

When, after the offertory, Pierre uncovered the chalice he felt contempt for himself.

The Offertory having been recited, the priest uncovered the chalice.

It would be like putting bad money into the offertory to put me into that holy work.

But when the Offertory was reached, matters suddenly quickened.

He sang an Offertory solo, accompanying himself on the harmonium.

The only part that must be new will be the Offertory for the day, unless you happen to have that too.'

I say this that you may know that our weekly offertory is not a sham.

A Melanesian takes the offertory bason, and they give or not as they please.

A prayer or prayers said at the conclusion of the Offertory.

One of the most pleasing parts of the service is the taking up of the offertory.