Offhand [adjective]

Definition of Offhand:

abrupt, careless

Synonyms of Offhand:

Opposite/Antonyms of Offhand:

Sentence/Example of Offhand:

Offhand he could think of no weak spot on his side; and if he must fight, he would fight.

The doctor was a little bearded man in white, with an offhand manner.

With offhand cordiality, Claude takes charge of this interesting friend.

It isn't every day that a man and his wife get their lives saved in that offhand way!

I began in an offhand but cautious manner to talk about Bernard.

One who can tell you offhand how many sharps are in the key of C major.

"The quicker the sooner," Morgan replied in offhand cowboy way.

Like that, offhand, as if it was somethin' you could do anytime between lunch and one-thirty.

The best alibi I can think up is that I did it offhand and casual.

He was handsome and bold and pleasant, offhand and gay and kind.