Officials [noun]

Definition of Officials:

person representing organization

Opposite/Antonyms of Officials:

Sentence/Example of Officials:

Rulers and officials of the government must be respected and honored.

He therefore directed his officials to cherish and honour him.

These officials told us that the allied fleet had reached Damietta the day before.

All the officials are on their guard; they are highly placed, and are not likely to be got at by bribery.

"They're too clever for us, sir," Mr. Carter remarked to one of the Scotland-Yard officials.

All his officials advised him not to do so, but he would not listen to them.

Lawyers and parsons and officials, that's the best Trinity can do!

I yielded, and, to the bewilderment of my officials, I ordered the Deputy's release.

He forced the officials of the Foreign Office and Interior to hear him.

Only there is nobody to govern, and hardly anything for the officials to do.