Officiousness [noun]

Definition of Officiousness:


Opposite/Antonyms of Officiousness:

Sentence/Example of Officiousness:

They are our friends to to such a degree as even to teaze us with their officiousness.

Officiousness is self-seeking dressed up in the uniform of service.

Although this seemed a ridiculous piece of officiousness it touched me.

But well-meaning, though ignorant, officiousness would not suffer it to be so.

Burns is not the only person who has suffered from this sort of officiousness.

There were visits of kindness as well as visits of officiousness.

Sir, officiousness is not politeness, she said very slowly and forcibly.

Her officiousness seemed to hurt him more than the pain in his chest.

Excepting their officiousness and arrogance, Barri and Rivera were moral and able men.

"Not a penny less than four pounds," said Perry, and I confounded his officiousness.