Offish [adjective]

Definition of Offish:


Opposite/Antonyms of Offish:


Sentence/Example of Offish:

Then in her offish way she asked if we were through with her lexicon.

It might be a new sensation to kiss Susan, always so prim and offish.

For at least an hour next morning Vedder was very dignified and offish.

I wanta go back to the offish and clean out that bunch of stiffs.

Moreover, being an army girl, as he had learned, she should not be so offish with an officer.

Yesterday rather "offish" whole day; felt just as though "it wouldn't come."

She was unwilling to disclose her secret, lest the knowledge of it might make Wilbur offish and so embarrass her efforts.

"I guess I'll go to the graveyard, anyway," said the cow-puncher in his offish voice, and looking fixedly in front of him.

She could 107 not understand what the matter really was with him—why he acted in so offish a manner.

The voices of the ticket speculator and of the merchant of "Offish'l Score Cards" were heard upon every side.