Ogling [verb]

Definition of Ogling:


Synonyms of Ogling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ogling:

Sentence/Example of Ogling:

But the dim lights seemed to be ogling each other and smiling, as he passed.

While the crowd was ogling this ascent, I walked through the temple doors.

Verinder helped himself to a sandwich, ogling Moya the while with his eyeglass.

She was always imagining him ogling at every woman that he came across.

Emily, who was standing in the doorway, ogling him unseen, came forward.

I am sure that she will have nothing to show for her ogling and her sighs!

It shot down the groove, wobbled a while, ceased, ogling them: six.

See him, while he stammers on the stage, ogling like a carp, with his frog's eyes!

Must take her front and rear, walk round her, ogling bravely.

I don't want to catch you ogling blonde beauties, or any other kind.