Ogre [noun]

Definition of Ogre:

nasty person

Synonyms of Ogre:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ogre:

Sentence/Example of Ogre:

"You will now see the other ogre," he said, and I pictured to myself the other ogre as charming as his partner.

All his old prejudices were reviving; it was as if he were going to some ogre's den.

His countenance was that of an Ogre on the shoulders of a Hercules.

The ogre, surprised, asked him who he was, and Panther told him his whole story.

Suddenly he turned into an ogre, spread his wings and was about to fly.

The little boy and girl disappeared too; how, the ogre could not tell.

And it was this ogre, this brigand, this scoundrel Macquart, whom Adelaide had chosen!

The Ogre received him as civilly as an Ogre could do, and made him sit down.

The Shining Mother and the Ogre were coming back to the green expanses.

After all, the Ogre discovered the last little link of the chain.