Oilcloth [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Oilcloth:

Then, when the oilcloth cover had been wiped, the lesson began on a corner of the table.

And he gazed at the oilcloth table cover as if he had been listening.

Then a man ran out of the draper's with a roll of oilcloth, and off they went again.

You might as well try to dry yourself on the glossy side of a piece of oilcloth.

Robert took from next the skin a package wrapped in oilcloth.

The floor about the bed is protected by newspapers or oilcloth.

So much of it has gone in that oilcloth business, and all for nothing!

On Tuesday, November 5, we started, each of us being clad in oilcloth.

He sat in the corner on a lounge, which was covered with oilcloth—and waited.

That done, we covered them with the oilcloth, and sat down comfortably by the fire.