Oily [adjective]

Definition of Oily:

fatty, greasy

Synonyms of Oily:

Opposite/Antonyms of Oily:



Sentence/Example of Oily:

He was not rude in words, but oh, so different from the oily people who sold me the things.

If you set it on hot coals, or over the fire, it will be oily.

"Oh, you have plenty of time," answered an oily and heavy voice.

My smouldering jealousy of the oily von Kufner now flamed into expression.

No, a fireman's not so oily and is more cindery—then we'll know one by his cap.

"Now it's blowing that oily odor our way," I declared in sudden annoyance.

What a feast the sharks must have had on his oily, well-fed carcass!

There was a faint movement on the dark, oily surface for all that no wind stirred.

There was something too sleek and oily in Binet's voice for Andre-Louis' taste.

For lights they used the oily nuts of the kukui or candle-nut tree.