Older [adjective]

Definition of Older:

most senior

Synonyms of Older:

Opposite/Antonyms of Older:

Sentence/Example of Older:

She was in a box with two men—one old and one young—and an older woman.

I'd rather trust your judgment now than lots of older men down there.

He was older than I, experienced with women—a lover of women, I came to understand in time.

Philip, you are older and wiser than I, and have shown already that you understand her.

There are only Evelyn and I, and I am fifteen years older than she.

But they've made you older—they've burned the boy out of you with pain!

Andrew peered into the grim face of the older man; there was not a flicker of a smile in it.

"You have carried yourself well," cried several of the older squires.

The voice of the older man came with a sinister force and saturnine.

But the older man would not permit the assertion to go uncontradicted.