Oldest [adjective]

Definition of Oldest:

most aged

Synonyms of Oldest:

Opposite/Antonyms of Oldest:


Sentence/Example of Oldest:

"It was good Medicine, too," spoke up the oldest of the dancing women.

The last descendant of one of the oldest families of France!

When, however, suitable time had elapsed, the oldest of the party spoke.

He was the son of Pan, and the oldest of the satyrs, who were supposed to be half goat.

Out in the path, under the oldest tree of all, she dropped his hand and faced him.

The oldest daughter, Mary Ella, died in 1854, aged fourteen.

He has four children, the oldest and youngest being daughters.

Thus there remains only Africa, the oldest yet the last-explored part of the world.

For Mrs. O'Callaghan was as young as her youngest child, and as old as her oldest.

Major Harper, the oldest, most refined and most soldierly of them all, was also the handsomest.