Oldish [adjective]

Definition of Oldish:

advanced in age

Synonyms of Oldish:

Opposite/Antonyms of Oldish:

Sentence/Example of Oldish:

He was an oldish, shabby little fellow, with bad teeth and no hair on his face.

He was an oldish man, and I met him just as I was coming out of the bath-house.

He found her in her kitchen; an oldish woman who lived by charing.

The sentry was an oldish man, of the Landwehr, and entirely unsuspicious.

Of the oldish men, some answered well, and some very poorly.

An oldish man of portly figure, who looked like a sea captain, was steering.

One is an oldish man, greyheaded, thin-faced, and wearing spectacles.

He was an oldish, roughish-looking man, and had all the appearance of a seaman.

Sasha produced a pocket-book and took from it an oldish paper.

She's oldish for the rest of us, but she's the schoolma'am, you know, and likes to be invited.