Oligarchy [noun]

Definition of Oligarchy:


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Sentence/Example of Oligarchy:

Tyranny springs from democracy much as democracy springs from oligarchy.

Thus much of the origin,—let us next consider the evils of oligarchy.

Such, then, is the form and such are the evils of oligarchy; and there may be many other evils.

Ought I not to begin by describing how the change from timocracy to oligarchy arises?

Well, I said, and how does the change from oligarchy into democracy arise?

And this, speaking generally, is the way in which oligarchy is established.

Do you mean some form of democracy, or oligarchy, or aristocracy, or monarchy?

What constitution shall we give—democracy, oligarchy, or aristocracy?'

By another stroke he converted the oligarchy of Byzantium into a democracy.

The explanation is that they had been an oligarchy, not of power or duty, but of self-indulgence.