Omen [noun]

Definition of Omen:

sign of something to come

Synonyms of Omen:

Opposite/Antonyms of Omen:


Sentence/Example of Omen:

He took it as an omen that the wilderness was deserted, and his confidence was strong.

The dead quiet of the house also oppressed him—like a voice—an omen.

For I will tell you what has happened to me; and I regard the coincidence as a sort of omen.

If they come up odd the omen is favourable, and if even it is bad.

It may serve as an example of the branch of the omen literature to which it belongs.

Reference to minor deities are frequent in these omen texts.

In some of the prayers a second series of omen indications are given.

In such a case, the omen has direct bearings on national affairs.

It was an 'animal of omen,' sometimes good, at other times bad.

Cracks in the wall were an omen; meeting a snake in the highway was an omen.