Ominous [adjective]

Definition of Ominous:

menacing, foreboding

Opposite/Antonyms of Ominous:

Sentence/Example of Ominous:

The spectacle as night fell was strange, ominous, but not unpicturesque.

It seemed an extraordinary thing, an ominous object, a sign.

At this ominous sight, I instinctively seized the bitts for protection.

This made all the inhabitants of that melancholy and ominous apartment.

An ominous leave-taking was his, and calamity was there to greet him home again.

With ominous deliberation he turned his vast weight upon them.

The street was black with people, surging back and forth, restless, ominous.

Had he contented himself with looking fierce and ominous, all would have been well.

But somehow they conveyed an ominous suggestion to her keen mind.

Then came the ominous clicking of the breeches as cartridges were thrust home.