Omission [noun]

Definition of Omission:

something forgotten or excluded

Opposite/Antonyms of Omission:

Sentence/Example of Omission:

I didn't think of the omission myself at the time, but I recalled it later.

Yet this omission of the only important problem was not the fault of the preacher.

It really isn't at all necessary, so the omission need not count.

The Queen instantly and loudly reminded him of the omission.

Yes, I said, thus far we were right; but there was an omission which must now be supplied.

He did not howl, however, and his late adversary was thankful for the omission.

It occurred to Rotherby that this was a veiled reproof for the ill manners of the omission.

“Beg pardon for the omission, Mr. Bolton,” he added, and he smiled boyishly.

And truth to say the author of "The Purple Slipper" did not notice his omission.

That one omission, however, was enough to secure its failure.