Oncoming [adjective]

Definition of Oncoming:


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Sentence/Example of Oncoming:

He knew not how nor why, yet he got his feel of the oncoming event from the gods themselves.

He stooped; seized a boulder, hurled it at the oncoming Lee.

With the oncoming of the parks and play-grounds, all of this, we may hope, will change.

They laid her on the ground beside the door and watched the oncoming lights.

He might as well have tried to stop an oncoming rocket ship.

His eyes were kindling strangely as he watched the oncoming filly.

As he jumped to his feet he again turned to look for the oncoming plane.

Nearer and nearer sounds the thunder of their oncoming hoofs.

His "fits" before the oncoming of a new Sura have been mentioned.

I was jerked out of my thoughts by the sight of an oncoming red blob.