Ones [noun]

Definition of Ones:

person of fame, importance

Synonyms of Ones:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ones:

Sentence/Example of Ones:

Tell me about the women you have known, your friends, the ones you liked and the ones who liked you.

"Cornelia and Marilla Merritt are just the ones," she said, succinctly.

So's we can have some of our dear ones come to us from distant lands in the morning.

None of the letters was found opened; which ones were missing tie couldn't say.

They, of course, are not like the ones you use, but I always do my best.

Those hollyhocks—the ones at the Vicarage at home are just like them.

She dipped her face in the fresh pure whiteness of the ones he had laid on her knee.

Why should we trouble about the last act, while the first ones are going on well.

There are some other lots, but we will not offer them until we see how the present ones go off.

Now there are but two peaches left; yet I cannot tell which ones among you are the worthiest.