Onomatopoetic [adjective]

Definition of Onomatopoetic:

imitating in sound

Synonyms of Onomatopoetic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Onomatopoetic:


Sentence/Example of Onomatopoetic:

In the cultural languages they recur, if at all, only in the onomatopoetic word-formations of later origin.

The use of onomatopoetic words, words whose sound signifies the sense, is so common that we seldom give it a thought.

Then follows the march, expressed both in musical notes and onomatopoetic words.

“Literary impressionism,” which is largely the use of onomatopoetic words, is a valuable factor in the artistic short story.

As we know, music is a language which may delineate actual occurrences by means of onomatopoetic sounds.

Here belong also the onomatopoetic attempts of children, which are simply a sort of imitation.