Onrush [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Onrush:

While he had been speaking, the onrush of the storm had blotted out the moon.

As she had stooped to pick it up, she had been knocked to her knees by the onrush of the others.

But his sailors were no match for the onrush of these fiends from Dunkirk.

We sprang from rock to rock and evaded the onrush of the foaming waves.

It is impossible to estimate the value of the rural church in the onrush of civilization.

A drunkard, mad-drunk, blind-drunk with the draught of his onrush.

A furious sweep of Nicky's arm simulated the onrush of his inspiration.

The sleepers were aroused by the onrush and there was much commotion within.

He gently halted their onrush and waved them back to their seats.

But now as she listened she heard nothing but the onrush of distant waters.