Onto [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Onto:

He tossed them onto the table, and Hal Dozier rolled his smoke in silence.

If you'd been onto your job, things would have been smooth as silk.

But it must be something new, or we should have got onto it.

With a word of farewell, he climbed out of the cockpit and onto a wing.

I can mention his name now without Ketury's landin' onto me like a snowslide.

I'd punch anybody that christened a middle name like that onto me.

If that's so, every one of the Old Home House eleven was onto their jobs.

Everybody's onto 'em, hangin' over each other, and lookin' soft at each other.

Not but what once we're onto his angles, he sort o' oozes into our regyards.

In a moment he's onto Emil, an' begins to w'irl his hypnotic rope.