Ontology [noun]

Definition of Ontology:

principles, knowledge

Synonyms of Ontology:

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Sentence/Example of Ontology:

Eudæmonics, as an art, corresponds to the science 'ontology.'

Between the ontology of Parmenides and that of Hegel what a step there is!

Ontology is the most comprehensive among all the objective sciences.

This is the statement of the Maxim as a formula of Ontology.

Associated words: ontology, metaphysics, ontological, ontologist.

In most of the other sutras the burden of thought is ontology.

Apart from Ontology, Parmenides reckons all as belonging to human opinions.

Materialism is for him a variety of ontology, involving the assumption that we know the essence of matter.

Be positive scientists, if you please; but ontology has no place in positive science, so leave it alone.

They become in practice Psychology, Ontology and Eclecticism in history.