Onwards [adverb]

Definition of Onwards:

ahead, beyond

Synonyms of Onwards:

Opposite/Antonyms of Onwards:

Sentence/Example of Onwards:

Follow in the steps of Heracles, our guide, and cheer each the other onwards by name.

Of the monarchs from 1173 onwards who were not here crowned, Henry IV.

From the time of the "Krpitsa" onwards a regular colonization began.

But from 1751 onwards, they were only held once in two years.

He it was who dominated completely Prussian policy from 1862 onwards.

Yet hearing, greater does she weep, that she must onwards go.

Onwards it goes, with scarcely a perceptible serpentine movement.

There lies the future before you; onwards then, and forwards!

From the third year onwards he paid back one-tenth annually.

Some critics would throw it onwards to the very close of his life.