Oodles [noun]

Definition of Oodles:

a lot

Synonyms of Oodles:

Opposite/Antonyms of Oodles:


Sentence/Example of Oodles:

For the present she realized only that she had oodles of money to sprinkle.

You see, Yetta, you've made a great hit with her, and she's got oodles of money.

They have oodles of sulphur on them and I'm afraid of complications.

We have oodles of ice at the farm and we all love ice-cream, so I suggest that we send home and borrow our four-quart freezer!

And when I find daddy's mine and have just oodles of money, I'm going to make it up to you for working you so hard.

You acted like a big boy that likes to have fun—oh, just oodles of fun, but hasn't got a mean hair in his head.

We've oodles of things to wrap for the 'Mystery Auction,' and Hippy you must be auctioneer.

Her father is one of the high muck-a-mucks of the Black Pennant Lineowns oodles of stock.

This lack of water always worried him, he said, for women always want water, and oodles of it.

Buckwheat cakes, each as big as the plate itself with "oodles of butter and real maple syrup," to quote Bob.