Oozing [verb]

Definition of Oozing:

emit liquid

Synonyms of Oozing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Oozing:




Sentence/Example of Oozing:

His cheeks looked like two bladders from which the oil they contained was oozing out.

A bloody sweat, oozing from every pore, crimsoned his bed-clothes.

And that brought me back to his chin––back to that big, oozing cut.

At length we halted at a small spring oozing from the soil of the field.

The shot had struck him in the breast, and the life-blood was oozing away fast.

Blood was oozing between the fingers of the young Frenchman.

Sarah's courage, as may be seen, was oozing away with all Naomi's warnings.

Though it was moist with the drops that had been oozing over it, it had a burning heat.

They walked across the oozing road, and he accosted the man in the doorway.

He was shot in the left breast, and blood was oozing from his lips.