Oozy [adjective]

Definition of Oozy:


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Sentence/Example of Oozy:

He rose to his feet, sinking almost to the top of his boots in the oozy slime.

The base of it lay in a definite hollow, reed-grown and oozy.

Again and again he struggled furiously to escape from the oozy quagmire.

But it is here, by this oozy margin, that they find the clay to frame their dwellings.

When it was almost as deep as his boot tops he got stuck in the oozy, mucky mud.

If there's anything he hates, it is that kind of oozy writing.

He was back at the edge of that oozy, clinging, all devouring trap.

She stepped in an oozy place and wet one foot, but she did not mind it.

The feet of the horses made a sucking sound on the oozy ground.

There exhales from this oozy mass so fatal a vapour that no animal can endure it.