Opacity [noun]

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The cause of this opacity is generally quick boiling while the meat is in.

Sometimes the want of opacity is due to the fact that the developer was too cold.

They have not substance enough, in fact, to reach a state of opacity.

The opacity is remarkably high, explaining why the star is so nearly "heat-tight."

The amount of acid regulates the density or opacity of the enamel.

Special attention should be given to the position of the opacity.

It may be she was not very visible; the double glasses of an open sash-window are almost equal to opacity.

They are almost entirely confined to the posterior part of the area pellucida, and give rise to the opacity of that part.

For opacity arises from reflecting Surfaces, such as may disturb and interrupt the Motions of this Medium.

Layroh adjusted the nozzles until the black beam was a solid shaft of opacity seven feet in height and nearly five in width.