Opalescence [noun]

Definition of Opalescence:

gloss, shine

Synonyms of Opalescence:

Opposite/Antonyms of Opalescence:

Sentence/Example of Opalescence:

This "play of colour" and "opalescence," must not be confused with "change of colour."

The dormant bodies of the great slugs glowed perceptibly brighter as they fed, and the pulsations of opalescence quickened.

The alkaline bicarbonates either do not disturb the solution, or only cause a slight degree of opalescence.

The opalescence above referred to principally affects the manubrium, tentacles, and margin of the nectocalyx.

The opalescence, so painful to the eyes, had given place to a clear atmosphere; and the low sun was full of rich coloring.

The west was one gigantic stained window, the ocean floor a solid shimmer of opalescence.

The opalescence of the glass arises entirely from precipitated silica.

In that white light coming through the translucent glass panes, David's grayish eyes took on an opalescence.

In an instant the opalescence of the transformation showed on it, but its dozen ray projectors were at work.

The relux glowed, and the opalescence shifted with bewildering, confusing colors.