Opaque [adjective]

Definition of Opaque:

clouded, muddy

Synonyms of Opaque:

Opposite/Antonyms of Opaque:

Sentence/Example of Opaque:

Daylight was scarcely visible through the opaque window-panes.

Some days—and these were the most distressing of all—an opaque veil of smoke enveloped Paris.

Around us were opaque mountains of clouds with irradiated edges.

But where is the opaque breath of the storm, where are the clouds?

The spores are broadly elliptic-fusiform, black, opaque, 107.

It is not surprising that he seized upon Riccis opaque watercolors.

His idea is that there are dark, opaque bodies outside this solar system.

They were shrouded in the fog which made the night heavy, opaque, and nauseous.

Any opaque white paper will do, provided it is not too stiff.

Was the form a human form, or was it an opaque bush of juniper?