Opener [noun]

Definition of Opener:

item that unlocks

Synonyms of Opener:

Opposite/Antonyms of Opener:

Sentence/Example of Opener:

My sister's eyes were opener and bigger than ever I saw them before.

It was "the opener of the Way" for the birth of the sun and the New Year.

The opener checked, the boy next raised him two and Vernon dropped.

Mrs. Sheridan dug an opener into a can of corn with a vigorous hand.

I've lost the can opener, and I can't open this tin of peaches.

The tool used to enlarge and accentuate the outline is called an opener.

The broader part of the opener will act as a wedge and widen the cut evenly.

Then you go along through Sneem, getting into opener, wilder country.

Then he picked up a can opener and said, Ha, ha, just the thing.

Always wipe a can opener after using, and hang it in its place.