Operas [noun]

Definition of Operas:

sounds that are pleasant, harmonized

Synonyms of Operas:

Opposite/Antonyms of Operas:

Sentence/Example of Operas:

His own public had unjustly neglected him, posterity consigned his operas to oblivion.

She was well and she had done this and that and had been to see such and such plays and operas.

Every day they drove in the parks, and went in the evening to balls, operas, and plays.

I have been there, and have laughed heartily at the recitative in your operas.

The pleasure of seeing you, madam, is worth all the operas in the world.

I had at this time a great deal to do with the operas and theatres, and often wrote the reviews.

His first piece was Fielding's "Opera of Operas," produced in 1733.

The complete list of his works in Fétis contains eighty operas.

This was in 1740, and two of his operas were there produced.

The list of his works embraces ninety-four operas and 103 masses.