Operated [adjective]

Definition of Operated:


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Sentence/Example of Operated:

New-Haven enjoys an elephant that has corns, and is about to be operated on by a chiropodist.

Not far from his grandmother's residence there was a windmill which operated on a new plan.

This man said I must be operated on by a burning process, all of which was said to frighten me to duty.

It is operated by pressing the keys of the machine and the spirits of the audience.

From Hanover he removed to Pittsburgh, where he operated in provisions until 1845.

Circumstances have operated in conjunction with your skill to "medicine me to repose."

This line was constructed and operated by a private company.

The apron is operated by gearing from the rear wheels of the grader.

Start — When this switch is operated, the computer will start.

The next class were 55 feet in length and operated from coast bases.