Operates [verb]

Definition of Operates:

perform, function

Synonyms of Operates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Operates:

Sentence/Example of Operates:

These defects are absent from a system which operates on the cloth in a fixed position.

It is a check, the same in kind as that which operates so wholesomely in the sciences.

It operates with most effect against low and exposed coasts.

The chap that operates the machine for the company is a pal of mine.

It operates, to some extent, as a salutary check on public functionaries.

She operates only in private, in presence of a limited number of people.

God is the great first cause of all that is and that operates in the universe.

The one operated on the person, the other operates on the pockets of the individual.

He operates a good deal with Henderson, and they'd incline to help each other out.

The action carriage which operates the hammer is somewhat complicated.