Operatives [noun]

Definition of Operatives:

person(s) performing service

Synonyms of Operatives:

Opposite/Antonyms of Operatives:

Sentence/Example of Operatives:

Bolton and Dr. Bird, with the two operatives at their heels, raced for the roof.

The Vose-Mern agency called its men and women by the name of operatives.

Latisan had trailed the operatives and saw them enter the smoking car.

She learned that the two operatives had started for the north.

Suppose I slip a picked crowd of my operatives into his crew?

Why are the operatives at Lowell less discontented than elsewhere?

The abodes of the operatives in many instances are greatly in need of improvement.

"That is for the operatives on the upper floor," explained the forewoman.

The company now employ 250 operatives, many of whom are citizens of Natchez.

More than one million operatives are engaged in textile manufactures.