Operators [noun]

Definition of Operators:

one who operates a machine

Synonyms of Operators:

Opposite/Antonyms of Operators:


Sentence/Example of Operators:

Operators of monoplanes won a fair share of the cash prizes.

People will be interested because it shows the operators are coming in our direction.

There are operators who feel the knife more sensitively than the patients.

The Southern operators and clerks crow over and denounce us.

They formed the fifth and last class of operators in his time.

He can spend the rest of his days here, provided the operators don't get sore on him.

Would the operators—what would they do if they proved you guilty of highgrading?

The operators all swore that Wayne would be elected, but seemed to fear a miracle.

They were Operators, and they were all intensely interested in their ship.

It had always annoyed him to think of the operators in that section.