Ophidian [adjective]

Definition of Ophidian:

pertaining to reptile

Synonyms of Ophidian:

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Sentence/Example of Ophidian:

The Ophidian skull is also noticeable for the absence of the jugals and quadratojugals.

The Myriapods symbolize in a striking manner the Ophidian reptiles.

Most of the Ophidian Reptiles are oviparous, but many are ovo-viviparous.

A minute before the comparison was ophidian, now it was feline.

His thoughts, thus drawn to Shaw, dwelt on that ophidian personality.

His glance, as he rested it on Bryce now, was baleful, ophidian.

This power of moving each jaw freely and in independence of the other, is peculiar to Ophidian reptiles.

Ophidian, o-fid′i-an, n. one of the true serpents, in which the ribs are the only organs of locomotion.

I had just awakened, and obscure and ophidian visions still haunted me.

The pig treats the snake with disrespect, not to say insolence; nothing, ophidian or otherwise, can fascinate a pig.