Opine [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Opine:

A pretty large pile of building, I opine, and a pretty long job!

The reason is, I opine, that each doth wait for his neighbour to make a move.

"He is of the family of the Iscariot, I should opine," answered the Gascon.

"I opine that the granddaughter should be got rid of," said the Colonel.

I opine that the same judgment might be passed upon a great many?

Not that I opine this will be necessary, only if it should I should like to know.

"It will not be very difficult, I opine," said the young man, laughingly.

I opine we shall occasion a good deal of trouble to that old party.

I can only opine that my blood is not thinning with the desired celerity.

Not many will be prevented by previous engagements, I opine.