Opined [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Opined:

Mr Sparkler opined that he painted anything, if he could get the job.

The boy grinned bashfully and opined the magnate just mentioned was "all right."

"Ye can always thrash an impudent fellow," opined the adjutant.

Clearly he was recovering, from which Garnache opined with regret that his blow had been too light.

He must be dealt with out of hand, Trenchard opined, and dealt with ruthlessly.

This might have finished the tale, but Henry opined that the tale was a trifle short.

The warrant officer sighed and opined that orders were orders.

And it was as he opined, for this ship belonged to Eindrid of Gimsar.

"Nothing can be plainer than that she likes him," Grace opined.

"He hears you, he watches you, he rejoices in you," Lady Agnes opined.