Opinionated [adjective]

Definition of Opinionated:

believing very strongly and conveying it

Opposite/Antonyms of Opinionated:

Sentence/Example of Opinionated:

He was restless, opinionated, and eager to assert himself and his convictions.

The man was the same, with his obstinate, opinionated look; the procedure was the same.

He is the best of creatures, and the most respectable of men; but, opinionated.

I should have liked to contradict my opinionated servant, at that moment.

M. Roland was naturally self-confident, opinionated, and domineering.

He was as garrulous as a magpie, and as opinionated as a Southern white always is.

I am not at all opinionated, but am always glad to listen to anything reasonable.

But nothing is worse than a false spirit, a disguised and dissembling one, or an obstinate and opinionated one.

What did it matter that she was domineering and opinionated?

The Governor when discussing reconstruction was opinionated and emphatic.