Opinions [noun]

Definition of Opinions:


Opposite/Antonyms of Opinions:

Sentence/Example of Opinions:

Youth is prone to endow its opinions with all the dignity of certain knowledge.

Percival read them all hungrily, disregarding those that did not confirm his own opinions.

He paid little attention to other people's opinions when his mind was made up.

We must study our parents' opinions in the main, but not in points of detail.

Even for Mammon's sake Mr. Raymount was not the man to hide or mask his opinions.

We gather this simply from the opinions we had previously formed of the authors.

There only remains to examine the opinions of those who differ from me.

There were no two opinions in the council: let the Oneidas join us with their war-party, by all means.

The opinions I have here put forth are not in fashion at this day.

They were, briefly, as follows, both in opinions and in motives.