Opossum [noun]

Definition of Opossum:

pouched mammal

Synonyms of Opossum:

Opposite/Antonyms of Opossum:


Sentence/Example of Opossum:

A little higher in the scale stand the kangaroo and the opossum.

Among mammals, the best-known example is probably the Opossum.

The opossum is famous for carrying its young in a pouch in front of the body.

It had a gray coat, and a tapering muzzle like that of an opossum.

The next day, to our great satisfaction, the Opossum hove in sight.

We neither of us took warning from our misfortune in the Opossum.

He had just before caught sight of an opossum, which had escaped him.

One of them fired at an opossum which they had, I concluded, driven out of its hole.

On showing the opossum to Gerald, he said it was called the “crab-eater.”

Their names mean "shooter of blow-pipe at coyote," "at opossum," and so forth.