Opportuneness [noun]

Definition of Opportuneness:

availability, usefulness; useful thing

Opposite/Antonyms of Opportuneness:

Sentence/Example of Opportuneness:

He tasted her in sips, he let her stand, with an opportuneness she herself could not have surpassed.

Hence everything now depends on the opportuneness of the demands of the women.

The quality and opportuneness of poetry are in each case undeniable.

We are here in the very center of your Empire, and well in condition to judge of the opportuneness for an uprising.

Powers that are conscious of their opportuneness and utility do not like to lose time, but are prompt to act.

It is by the favourableness or otherwise (of time and place) that the opportuneness of an act is determined.

It seemed an inopportune cheer, and for a moment it upset the orator: yet it was felicitous in opportuneness.

The "Ever-Victorious Army" was happy in the opportuneness of its death.

He threw himself back upon questioning the utility of the expedition—its opportuneness, etc.

She almost forgives Violet her existence for the opportuneness of the accident.