Opportunism [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Opportunism:

I have scorned this opportunism all my life, and now I regret having scorned it.

That there may be no opportunism every citizen must be alive to the morality of politics.

No member of my family would ever be guilty of opportunism, and remain in my family.

For that is just what opportunism wants—to keep these two questions in abeyance.

Is not this the opportunism of both a Browning and a Gladstone?

He wanted advice, he wanted to be confirmed in his own opportunism, as a starving beggar may want food.

Compared with his high stand for the right, the opportunism of such a man as Clay shrivels into nothingness.

Opportunism, rationalized by one or another ornamental philosophy, has been very common in modern China.

Opportunism has been characterized by the avid acceptance of wholly implausible doctrines, or by a disingenuous "realism."

But unless they are realized in a high degree, wage settlement will continue to be a matter of force and opportunism.