Opportunist [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Opportunist:

“In this,” says Lowe, “Bismarck was an opportunist,” as he often was.

I could read that opportunist's motives as easily as if he had written them down for my instruction.

He was an opportunist, and now, he fondly imagined, was his opportunity.

He has been an opportunist rather than a dealer in general ideas.

No, Bryan is not an opportunist—not in things that really matter.

Its policy has been that of an opportunist, at the best,—or an obstructionist, at the worst.

Frankly, I'm an opportunist; essentially, a practical sort of fellow.

He was a master of statecraft and an opportunist in politics.

The King was the opportunist, Olof the idealist, and Gert the "impossibilist."

In 1885 he was elected to the chamber as an Opportunist Republican.