Opposing [adjective]

Definition of Opposing:

at variance

Synonyms of Opposing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Opposing:

Sentence/Example of Opposing:

Mr. Horseman also joined the Conservatives in opposing the bill.

But I could only resolve that I would be no party to any unfair plan of opposing her.

It may seem, then, that we are thus faced by two opposing forces.

He could see her opposing herself to mobs, but he could not see himself doing so.

But Evans reckoned without the millers who were opposing his petition.

"If you say that it is all one to you there's an end to my opposing him," he answered coldly.

Presently, no doubt, the two now opposing him would be reinforced by others.

Accordingly he sacrificed and advanced against the opposing lines of cavalry.

In the friction of these opposing wills, forces baneful to Man are generated.

Let me give an illustration of what I will call the opposing methods of education.